Vectorization powered by nature

Our PhytoVec® Technology based on Phytol (part of the Chlorophyll) was designed to vectorize fragile, unstable or destabilizing molecules for galenic, at high concentration.

Penetration (X10) and protection (90 days) against UV, has been demonstrated and controlled by studies using Retinol as a reference molecule.

Based on Chlorophyll and allowing to enhance co-products from the plant world, PhytoVec® technology has been developed to ensure high performances in a sustainable and responsible way.


Renowned for its lightening  properties, vitamin B3 can however cause formulation problems. Our PhytoVec® technology avoids this and also increases its bioavailability.

Available as an aqueous solution, PhytoVec®-B3 can be easily added at the end of the process.

8% concentration


Glabridin is an Essential molecule with lightening properties but is well known for the complexity of its addition to a galenic formulation. With PhytoVec® technology, the Glabridin concentration is 5 times higher compared to plant extracts.

Available as an aqueous solution, PhytoVec®-Glabridine can be easily added at the end of the process.

5% concentration


Coenzyme Q10 or Ubiquinone, is a molecule known for anti-aging applications.

Its effectiveness is limited by its well known instability. With PhytoVec® technology, the CoEnzyme Q10 remains stable and easy to formulate.

China compliant

5% concentration

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PhytoVec®-Vit A

Commonly used in cosmetics and dermatology, Retinol does not need to be introduced any longer. Antioxidant - Elasticity - Anti-wrinkle - Brown spots - Acne ...

Only its long-term stability remained to be found and proven!

In comparison to liposomes, the use of PhytoVec®-Retinol has allow us to extend the protection of this vitamin from light and temperature variations for over 2 Months. In comparison to the free form, we have also succeeded in increasing the skin penetration of retinol, ensuring good bioavailability.

10% concentration

PhytoVec®-Vit A

China compliant

5% concentration


Vanillin is known for its scent but also for its darkening effect when in contact with light.

Thanks to the PhytoVec® Technology, we were able to prevent this coloration while retaining the olfactory properties after application to the skin.

7% concentration

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