Laboratores ERIGER is a young start-up company founded in March 2019 by Eric and Gerald. Former neighbors in Tours, they have pooled their skills in the field of vectorization to create and develop the          PhytoVec® technology.

Their objective? To offer their customers a more efficient vectorization as an alternative to classical ones such as liposomes.

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PhytoVec® technology

PhytoVec® technology - Beyond the liposome

Developed from Chlorophyll, The PhytoVec® technology allows to vectorize a wide spectrum of active molecules at a high concentration in water, while guaranteeing long-term stability and protection of active ingredients against UV rays and oxidation.

Our technology also allows an easy addition into galenic preparations and ensures a better bioavailability of the active ingredients.


Taylor made solution

Come with your molecules and explore what PhytoVec® technology has to offer.

From your ideas to your formulation.


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